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Physical Exam Schedule

Beginning at birth, children should have regular, periodic checkups even if they are healthy. The following schedule is recommended:
Newborn Exam 1 day after discharge
1 Month Exam
2 Month Exam
4 Month Exam
6 Month Exam
9 Month Exam
12 Month Exam

14 Month Exam

18 Month Exam Developmental Assessment

23 Month Exam

30 Month Exam  Language Assessment

36 Month Exam

4 Year Exam

5 Year Exam  Kindergarten Assessment

6 Year Exam
7 Year Exam
8 Year Exam
9 Year Exam
10 Year Exam
11 Year Exam
12 Year Exam including Sports Physical
13 Year Exam including Sports Physical
14 Year Exam including Sports Physical
15 Year Exam including Sports Physical
16 Year Exam including Sports Physical
17 Year Exam including Sports Physical
18 Year Exam including Sports Physical
Ages 19-22+ Annual Physical

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Our Patients

We see patients ranging from newborns to 25 years of age. We offer a wide range of services including well-child exams, sports physicals, urgent care sick-visits, and conferences for more extensive medical, behavioral, and psychological concerns. Some office procedures are also provided such as suture/staple removal and treatments for simple warts. Our well-child exam schedule is shown below. Infants and toddlers have frequent exams to evaluate growth and development, address questions, and provide immunizations. School-aged children, adolescents, and young adults are seen annually for physical exams. Many patients remain with us during their college years and after. Many of our adolescent and young adult patients also appreciate the option of having either a male or female physician for their annual exams.

To schedule an appointment, please call between:
8 am - 6 pm, M-T, Th-F
8 am - 5 pm W

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